First Responders !

We’re a home inspection company staffed by certified firefighters that care about people and where they call home. We’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a home safe and sound. So, we couple our training as both firefighters and home inspectors to provide comprehensive and timely home inspections that you can count on.

Are You Really Firefighters?

You bet! All of our home inspectors are also certified firefighters. Who else has seen a wider variety of homes inside and out? As firefighters, we know:

  • How houses and other structures are assembled, behind the finish work
  • How to spot hazardous conditions or potential future hazards
  • Where to look for signs of damage from wear, weather and other factors

These are the precise skills used when performing a home inspection. It’s a natural fit.

How It All Started

FFHI started out of co-founder Austin Nolen’s college apartment. It was originally geared towards helping his friend and co-founder Tyler Kelley supplement his income as a firefighter. Their deal was, Austin would handle the business end and Tyler would perform the inspections. They planned to split everything and focus on this as a side business. 

Austin decided to consult his long-time friend Jonathan Hinton about the idea. Jonathan liked it immediately. The very next day, Jonathan built an impressive business model opening Austin’s eyes to the scope and scale of what FFHI could be.

The vision for FFHI is to become the #1 employer of firefighters in the United States.

Helping firefighters create an additional income stream along with providing home buyers and agents with trusted, professional inspectors is the core of the business today.

The Team

Austin Nolen

Co-Founder & President

Austin is the Co-Founder and President of FFHI. Austin is a graduate of The University of Georgia. He spent several years in the electrical and construction industries and is the son of a retired firefighter. He decided to combine those backgrounds and his respect for the firefighter profession to start FFHI.

Tyler Kelley

Co-Founder & Home Inspector

Tyler is the Co-Founder of FFHI. He is a second generation firefighter and the originator of the idea for FFHI. Tyler has been in fire service for over eight years and is passionate about his craft as well as creating opportunities for his fellow firefighter colleagues.

Jonathan Hinton


Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur with experience scaling businesses. His last company landed him on the Inc. 500 list before selling that company to a Fortune 500 company. Jonathan graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State with a BBA in Accounting and holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He provides strategic planning and execution strategy to FFHI.

Joe Garcia


Joe is the founder of Vista West Ventures, a consulting and investment company. He has spent the last 15+ years helping organizations successfully scale in the areas of marketing and business operations. He helps oversee marketing and advertising for FFHI.

Miles G. Murphy VI


Miles Murphy is an entrepreneur, investor and the founder of Miles Gray Ventures. Miles has an extensive background in the real estate industry, leading and scaling a high performance sales team that has sold more than $1 billion in real estate. He helps oversee sales and client experience for FFHI.


Companies That Trust Us

Atlanta Home Inspection Fire Fighter Ashi

Over 100 Hours of Training

A comprehensive home inspection is one of the most valuable investments to aide in making an informed home purchase.

All of FFHI’s home inspectors are ASHI members and must complete 100+ hours of training and education before they ever set foot into a home.

Our training ensures peace of mind that the inspection with be done with competence and the same excellence that we serve our communities with every day.