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As a homeowner, your home is your greatest asset. You need a trusted and trained expert to get there quickly, find the issues that matter so your family and your investment are protected.

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Six Reasons Homeowners Should Use FFHI

Fast and Reliable

Ever called an home inspector and they are booked out for weeks?

Do you have a short due diligence period and need to get an inspection done ASAP? We understand that every day is critical in the real estate transaction process and delays simply aren’t an option.

That’s why we offer a 3 day turnaround on all of our inspections or it is FREE.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology and are up to date on the latest trends in the home inspection industry. Need infrared cameras to make sure there are no issues behind the walls that you can’t see? We’ve got you covered. Need radon testing? We can help with that. Want to make sure there aren’t potential fire hazards that may be overlooked during a typical inspection?

That’s what we do!

Atlanta Home Inspection Fire Fighter Thermal Imaging
Atlanta Home Inspection Fire Fighter Ashi

Over 100 Hours of Training

A comprehensive home inspection is one of the most valuable investments to aide in making an informed home purchase.

All of FFHI’s home inspectors are ASHI members and must complete 100+ hours of training and education before they ever set foot into a home.

Our training ensures peace of mind that the inspection will be done with competence and the same excellence we serve our communities with every day.


We’re Here To Inform, Not Alarm.


The home inspection report is one of the most important documents in the home buying process. It informs, can act as a negotiation tool and also save you from costly repairs in the future. 

All of our reports are easy to read and highlight what the issue is, who should fix it and the severity of the issue. No fluff, no unnecessary paragraphs of detail. 

Just the info you need to make an informed decision.

Certified as a Firefighter,

Trained as an Inspector

Let’s face it. The home inspection industry is unregulated. That means a guy with a pick up truck, a flashlight and a ladder can be considered a home inspector.

We believe you should demand more when trusting someone to evaluate what might be the largest purchase of your life.  

In addition to being ASHI members, all of our inspectors are also active duty firefighters who have been pre-screened, drug tested and polygraphed. What other home inspection company can say that?

That’s right. Now there’s a company that combines the experience of a home inspector with the training and perspective of a firefighter to bring you an industry leading home inspection.

Responsive and Responsible

Responsiveness is critical in all parts of the real estate transaction. The home inspection should be no exception.

We answer our phones live seven days per week and any emails or voicemails are returned in a matter of minutes.  

We also offer frictionless scheduling, fast report delivery and easy payment processing.